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SKY 497 

Traffic Advisory System SKY-497 by L-3 Communications

SKYWATCH Traffic Advisory System with display. (TAS) Based on TCAS-1 technology, SKYWATCH provides general aviation aircraft with visual targets using TCAS-like symbology, aural traffic alerts, selectable display ranges of 2 nm and 6 nm, and surveillance range of 10 nm.

  • Tracks up to 30 intruder aircraft simultaneously
  • Generates both aural & visual traffic advisories
  • Selectable 2 & 6 nautical mile horizontal display ranges
  • +/- 10,000 ft. relative altitude tracking range
  • "Look Up/Look Down" altitude display modes to simplify intruder identification
  • Can toggle between lightning information and traffic information when connected to a Stormscope WX-1000 series processor
  • Automatically shifts to SKYWATCH view from Stormscope view when Traffic
  • Advisories are issued
  • Able to interface with most modern multi function displays for traffic information overlay through ARINC 429 bus interface
  • System consists of Transmitter Receiver Computer, optional 3 - ATI - size display, and directional antenna
  • One antenna system allows for easy installation


    Manufactured by:L-3 Communications

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    Description SKY 497 

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    FAA Repair Station QPIR337K
    14229 SW 127 Street,  Tamiami Airport,  Miami,,   Florida,  33186   United States of America
    Tel: 305-238-6550   Fax: 305-238-7819

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    FAA Repair Station QPIR337K
    14229 SW 127 Street,
    Tamiami Airport,
    United States of America
    Tel: 305-238-6550
    Fax: 305-238-7819
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