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Peninsula Avionics Inc. is an FAA Certificated Repair Station (QPIR337K) and EASA certified (EASA.145.6099) located on (TMB) Tamiami Executive International Airport. Peninsula Avionics operates as a Fixed Base Operation (FBO) which invloves renting aircraft parking, selling aviation fuel, performing aircraft maintenance, and avionics installations, and repairs.

In February 1985, Mr. Carl Mercer and Mr. Archie Harrington purchased RODFLA Inc. and Peninsula Avionics was started with their primary business of selling, installing and repairing aircraft avionics while maintaining the FBO operation.

In December 1988, Mr. Harrington retired and the company repurchased his stock and Mr. Mercer owned 100% of the outstanding stock. The company employs approximately 17 full time employees and 2 part time employeees.

Peninsula Avionics is an authorized dealer in good standing for many major aviation companies such as, Bendix/King by Honeywell, BF Goodrich, L3, Garmin, Trimble, Shading, S-TEC autopilots, NARCO, Sigma-Tek, and UPS Technology. Peninsula Avionics is also an authorized factory repair center for Honeywell.

Peninsula Avionics customers are approximately 60% Florida, and 35% Caribbean, Central America, South America, and 5% Europe, and has excellent reputation in those areas.

In January 2001, the ownership changed. Mr. Mercer sold 100% of Peninsula Avionics, Inc. to a new partnership with James F. Prince as President.

Since the beginning of 2001, Peninsula Avionics has increased its overall gross revenue by 300%, and inventory of serviceable equipment, and component parts by 50%.

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FAA Repair Station QPIR337K
14229 SW 127 Street,  Tamiami Airport,  Miami,,   Florida,  33186   United States of America
Tel: 305-238-6550   Fax: 305-238-7819

About Us
Contact Info
FAA Repair Station QPIR337K
14229 SW 127 Street,
Tamiami Airport,
United States of America
Tel: 305-238-6550
Fax: 305-238-7819
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